How to Increase Sales FAST for Personal Trainers

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How to increase your sales…FAST!

For Personal Trainers & Fitness Professionals

Here are a few tips on how to increase your personal training sales right now.

Sales Tip #1


As a personal trainer, it is likely that you feel awkward when it comes to talking about money. Do not worry, it’s normal most of us do. But, we need to make a living and as anyone else’s cost of living goes up, so does ours. This is how you support yourself and your clients understand that. (If they don’t, you need some new clients).

If you continue to invest in your education and improving your craft to improve the service you can offer, you should be raising your rates on an annual and a regular basis.

Of course, you must be fair and you can not blind-side people with a huge increase. There are methods and professional ways to raise your rates with minimal push-back. I say minimal because there will always be push-back when it comes to dollars.

The point is, most professionals do not raise their rates even though every other service around us continues to increase. Each investment in education and increase in your skill should be reflected in what you charge clients!

Remember, you are worth it!

Sales Tip #2


What is it that people can get from you that they can not get from anyone or anywhere else?

You need to differentiate yourself and use this point of differentiation to leverage your business.

Maybe you specialize in kettlebells, show prep or injury treatment and rehabilitation, whatever it is make sure people know about it.

This will help you develop a niche and allow you to target the specific clients you want to work with.

Sales Tip #3


It is too often we don’t ask our clients for feedback on additional services they would want. For the reason that clients who already spend money with you are more likely to spend more money with you than anyone else.

If they do not give you any feedback, offer some suggestions! Group classes? Workshops? Online Coaching? Supplements? Challenges?

Find other streams of income to raise your bottom line!

Sales Tip #4


There is a way to ask for referrals without sounding “slimy”. Rather than asking for a referral ask your clients if they would mind making an introduction to someone.

Write a blog or some type of informative and beneficial piece of content and tell your clients you would love for some introductions so that you can share this information with them.

You can also incentivize clients to generate referrals for you! Offer some cool swag, additional time, whatever you may be comfortable with!

There are many right ways and a lot more wrong ways to do it, the point is it needs to be done and you must put some brain power behind doing it effectively and genuinely.

Sales Tip #5


Once clients have expressed some interest, begin to market your different offerings!

Look at the most successful companies, Wal-Mart, Amazon etc. These companies are a one-stop shop, you need to create as much offering for your clients as possible.

If they are going to spend money on supplements, nutrition or workshops elsewhere, why not figure out how to generate that income for yourself?

Sales Tip #6


We live in our world in which we need a commitment from people but refuse to commit to anything.

Because of this, most people do not want to sign up for more than a month of anything, let alone a 6-12 month commitment.

Depending on your current professional state, it can be very beneficial to offer complimentary or discounted sessions. If you are good at what you do, back yourself up with a money back guarantee after a series of sessions!

People associate time and money as a risk. There is a way to cleverly offer your services before forcing people to commit too soon!


This was originally posted in our Facebook group Personal Training Business L.A.B. Head over to join the conversation!

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