What’s In Your Elevator Pitch?

What’s In Your Elevator Pitch?

If someone were to ask you right now what you do, do you have your elevator pitch prepared? For personal trainers most elevator pitches go like this:

Potential Client: “Why should I do personal training? Why should I train with you?”

Personal Trainer: “I can help you and show you how to do this…etc.”

We all get asked this question. If you have your elevator pitch prepared you are already ahead of the game.

Your elevator pitch is your message that you have prepared to describe how you can benefit the person that you are telling it to. The message is clear, structured, and something you have prepared beforehand.

The idea is you have about 20-30 seconds when someone walks into an elevator, sees your personal training logo on your shirt, and asks what you do or why they need you.

Most of the time we will default to the example above. We’ll tell them WHAT we do.

“I get people in shape.”

“I help people with food habits.”

“I help people feel better.”

The challenge with this is that it’s not your message, it’s just WHAT you do.

One step further is to tell them HOW you do it.

“I get people in shape with kettlebells.”

“I help people with food habits through one on one coaching looking for what fits best into your lifestyle.”

“I help people feel better by working to move them over to a whole food diet.”

That’s a bit more descriptive and is becoming a much more clear message. If you read the book “Start With Why”, author Simon Sinek states that people are more likely to buy into your message if you tell them WHY you are doing it.

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”

Enter the “I BELIEVE” elevator pitch.

This is your clear message and ‘WHY’ you do this.

Potential Client: “Why should I do personal training? Why should I train with you?”

Personal Trainer: “I believe that as we get older exercise becomes more and more important. It should be easy and accessible for everyone to improve their strength and confidence. Most people, including myself, have tried to exercise in the past and found it to be miserable because we moved into it too fast and hard. I help people learn to enjoy the skill of exercise again.”

That can really resonate with someone.

That is just one example off the top of my head. If you start with “I believe…” you are much more like to connect with the person you are speaking to.

If you believe in your message and it matches their beliefs you will most likely build a long-lasting relationship without the perception is selling.

What’s your elevator pitch?

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