How do You Measure Your Personal Training Client’s Success?

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How do You Measure your Personal Training Client’s Success?

This interesting question about how you measure your personal training client’s success was posted by John the other day in our Personal Training Business L.A.B. on FaceBook. 

Measuring your client’s success is important since it is gauging whether or not your client is seeing results.

Results are the gauge of whether or not a client will continue training with you.

You can see how important this question is.

I throw the question to you; How do you measure your client’s results?

Here are some of the thoughts that our members had:

“Their energy level, how well they sleep, stress level, weight and strength.”

Great answer, subjective and objective metrics to be checking in with your client.

Here’s another:

“I have an electronic spreadsheet of my client’s workouts and whenever she goes up in speed, time, reps, or resistance I highlight that section so she can easily spot her improvements.”

This is great because the client can see their measured improvements. A spreadsheet or something similar would be the gold standard we would recommend for tracking clients progress and success metrics.

Check out this reply we also loved:

“A couple ways:

My go to is always behavior frequency. If they were doing something ineffective really often before and now they’re doing it less, and we can see that on their tracker, that’s awesome.

Likewise if there’s something effective that they are do more often now, and we can see that on their tracker.

Another one I use a lot, is asking: “How are things different now than they were six months ago?”

Besides behavioral frequency stuff, clients usually answer with things like “I think about food way less now, and I’m so happy about that.”

This is brilliant coaching for your client!

Neal posted this response if anyone had challenges because this can be a tough question.

This is a tough question. If you are stuck, you can always ask your clients, “How would you like to measure your success?” You might be surprised at what they tell you and not at all what you expect.

If they give you outcome goals, which they almost always do, it’s our jobs as coaches to help distill them down to process goals.”

Above all, are you measuring your client’s successes? 

Are you showing them?

*This conversation was originally posted in our FaceBook group Personal Training Business L.A.B. Head over to join the conversation!




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