Responsibilities of a Personal Trainer?

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What are the Top Responsibilities of a Personal Trainer?

You could also rephrase this question as, “What makes a great personal trainer?” and get a lot of the same answers. How would answer this question of what your responsibilities would be as a personal trainer?

Let’s see what us at the L.A.B. and a few of our members said about the top responsibilities of a personal trainer:

One member said:

“Personal safety of their clients, personal professional preparation and enhanced skills, the ability to program properly for each individual client, personal health and fitness as a trainer.”

Pretty good answer! Safety of the client should be the first on everyone’s list.

Next response:

“Being prepared ahead of time with a program, showing up a little early to sessions, making sure the client is safe.”

We are starting to see a theme here! Being prepared ahead of time means less stress for the personal trainer and client.

Another response:

“Being 100% attentive for the entire session, being inspiring, modifying exercises to maximize the benefits, and doing the homework (continuously educating yourself and your client and learning more about particular issues your client is concerned about).”

I love this because being 100% attentive is so simple, but so often when we are at other gyms we dont see this. Its simple and could be the differentiator between you and another trainer.

Another response:

“I believe we are responsible for providing structure for our clients goals and being another source of motivation. Making each session purposeful and specific for each person will help you be successful.”

It’s the truth! I would also add in helping with accountability with motivation. Often times it is hard to motivate people, thats something they find from the inside. Same idea, different words.

Here is what John Moljo from the L.A.B. Fitness Consultants had to say:

“One thing I have noticed is that my priorities change from client to client. Yes safety and care I believe are number one, but as a personal trainer you are responsible to provide the tools, plans, programs, motivation and knowledge to allow for progress toward your clients unique goals.

Personal trainers also must maintain a high level of integrity toward your own fitness, relationships with others and your business. Hold yourself to a higher standard than you would your clients!”

Finally, this was what I chimed in with, Neal Snyder from the L.A.B. Fitness Consultants:

1. Keep them safe.
2. Deliver results faster than they could do on their own.
3. Be a good person.


*This conversation was originally posted in our FaceBook group Personal Training Business L.A.B. Head over to join the conversation!

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