March 22, 2018


The L.A.B. Fitness Consultants Presents:

Networking and Professional Growth Seminar

Saturday May 11, 2019  10:30 am- 5:30 pm
Team Moljo
1396 E. Main St.
Shrub Oak, NY 10588

Price: $99 USD


What’s it all about?

This is a 1 Day Seminar focused on educating and empowering fitness professionals to further themselves and their fitness businesses.  If you are a fitness professional who:

  • Wants to grow their personal training clientele
  • Wants to generate more income/clients/exposure
  • Owns your own facility
  • Aspires to own a facility
  • Seeks a leadership position in the corporate/private sector
  • Wants to network and learn from others in the industry

Then this seminar is for you!


Price: $99 USD

Event Details:

If you are interested in furthering your “training”  and “practical” skills or expanding your knowledge of program design, exercise selection, and energy systems, then this is NOT for you. We at The LAB, of course, value the physical aspects of training. However, to be successful in an industry that is becoming increasingly competitive and highly monetized, you must go beyond physical aptitude and practical skills as a trainer.

You must also be skilled in human relations, business, entrepreneurship, leadership, accountability and much more that has little to do with your ability to help someone get in shape.

John, Neal, Casey, and Mark are all proven coaches on the physical side of fitness, having worked with thousands of clients combined. But what sets them apart from others who share their practical knowledge and certifications is that they are also proven directors, managers, entrepreneurs, and owners.

With a burning desire to serve and improve the fitness industry, they have found a common ground in the areas of leadership, accountability, business and the subjects of their attention that lead to success. On this common ground, they are ready to empower fitness professionals to further themselves in their careers.

Event Itinerary:

10:30 am-10:45 am: Coffee and introductions
11:00 am-12:30 pm: Why clients don’t buy and how to change that!  – John Moljo and Neal Snyder
12:30 pm-12:45 pm: Break 1 & Networking
12:45 pm-2:00 pm: Strong manager, Strong Leader – The Essentials – Mark Cuatt
2:00 pm-3:15 pm: Lunch
3:150 pm-4:30 pm: Managing your career KPI: Key Performance Indicators for a sustainable career in the Fitness Industry – Casey Lee
4:30 pm-5:00 pm: Group Activity
5:00 pm-5:30 pm: Group Discussion/Conclusions – In this segment, all four presenters will address questions from participants. John, Neal, Casey, and Mark will ask participants questions which will allow them to provide strategies and techniques specific to you and your fitness business.

Price: $99 USD

Presentation Summaries:

“Why clients don’t buy and how to change that!” John Moljo & Neal Snyder

This is not another BORING discussion on how to get better at SALES! Will this presentation help you become better at selling? Yes! But not in the traditional way that you may think.  Leads—> prospects—> consultations—> clients—> follow-up! If you are a fitness professional you likely already have seen this cycle before. But does just knowing this cycle actually bring you results?

We live In a world where you are constantly being sold to. Just scroll through your social media for 60 seconds and write down everything someone is trying to sell you.  People have legitimately been trained to say no. If you bought everything that was trying to be sold to you… you’d be broke. This constant bombardment of being sold to has changed the way people think and buy. Join John and Neal as they upgrade the way you “sell” and help you stick out as one of the thousands of “sellers” trying to earn the business of the same people you are.

“Managing your career KPI: Key Performance Indicators for a sustainable career in the Fitness Industry” – Casey Lee

Industry data reports that 80% of Personal Trainers change careers within two years of achieving their certification. Every certification textbook will give you the skills required to perform the job, but very few provide the tactics to keep the job.

This presentation will help attendee’s identify the key performance indicators (KPI)  of success in the Fitness Industry and also help them create their own career checklist to ensure their careers, and income are trending in a positive direction.

“Strong Manager, Strong Leader…’The Essentials’” – Mark T. Cuatt

As you may know, there are several differences between management and leadership. However, both require some underlying principles.  Dealing with different personalities, bringing the best out in others, creating a motivational workplace, organization and much more.  This presentation will help you understand the importance of management and leadership and how both of these skill sets will help you develop the essential business skills you need to succeed and thrive.

Presenter Bios:

John Moljo is the owner of Team Moljo Strength and Conditioning. He is an advocate for health, fitness, human relations, leadership and above all business and entrepreneurship in the fitness industry.

With a BS in Business Management and Analysis, he credits his success in fitness to his business and human relations expertise. With a clear understanding that a “trainer/coach/fitness professional” and “business owner” are two separate jobs with completely different responsibilities, he pushes to ensure that both are given the attention they demand in order for the business to flourish.

John has taken the fitness professional journey from corporate personal trainer to successful gym owner with just about everything in between.

Neal Snyder has been a personal trainer, manager, and program director for 10 years. He started off training clients and quickly moved into a management role at a luxury health and fitness brand. Responsible for all aspects of the business from hiring to developing novice and senior trainers to hitting revenue targets, he learned the skills and qualities that make personal trainers successful in the corporate environment.

Neal has spoken in dozens of corporate lectures on health and fitness as well on business, leadership, and accountability at many industry summits.

Casey Lee is a northern-Vermont based Strength and Conditioning Coach. He currently works as the Program Director and Head Coach for The Parisi Speed School located in Williston Vermont. Over the last 8 years with Parisi, Casey has had the opportunity to assess, program and coach for a variety of athletes ranging from youth, collegiate, professional, and Olympic.

Graduating from SUNY Plattsburgh (Plattsburgh, NY) with an honors degree in Business Administration in 2011, Casey handles all business operations for his facility as well as staff development for his staff of 4. In a network of over 100 locations, Casey’s Parisi location routinely ranks in the top 10 for gross revenue production despite being in one of the smallest markets nationwide.

On an educational level, Casey held a second position with the Parisi corporate offices as one of six training educators from 2014-2017. During this time he would travel to various locations through out the country, conduct best practice studies, develop and implement sports performance protocols, and teach the Parisi Performance curriculum.

Mark Cuatt

Fulfilling an entrepreneurial goal of ownership, Mark is now currently Managing Partner of All Sport Health & Fitness Center, a prestige 70,000 sqft. multi sport health club in Fishkill, N.Y.

Mark thrived as Executive General Manager of Club Fit, a health club organization with two 100,000 sqft. locations in Westchester County, N.Y. from Dec 2001 – Aug 2018. He obtained that position after working eight years in clinical nutrition and fitness at The Burke Rehabilitation Hospital, in White Plains, N.Y.

In 1998, after five years of clinical work educating and counseling patients with cardiac conditions, Diabetes, COPD, weight loss and many other prevalent health issues, Mark was instrumental in establishing Burke’s new fitness center and several nutrition programs designed for adults above the age fifty five that bridged the gap with the medical community and the health and fitness continuum.

Transitioning from clinical to top level executive positions has enabled Mark to become a recognized force in the health and fitness industry. His leadership style resonates from his own core purpose of “truly wanting to have a positive impact in helping people succeed and to bring out the very best in everyone he works with!

Mark has his degrees in Nutrition & Food Science and Dietetic Technology/Nutrition Care. He is a registered and active member with The American Dietetic Association (ADA), now known as the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, and Sports Cardiovascular and Wellness Nutritionists (SCAN). Mark is also certified with The American College of Sports Medicine as an exercise physiologist and holds many certificates of enhanced qualifications.

Marks focus on business strategy and development is a disciplined step by step process which leads to measurable results

Specialties: Change Management, Vision/Goal Setting, Accomplishment, Understanding Human Behavior, Team Development.

Price: $99 USD