John Moljo Interviewed on The 3 Things Podcast

3 Things Podcast Episode 7- “The episode all Personal Trainers should hear” with John Moljo

Listen Here!

“A perk to of hosting a podcast is that you get to interview your best friend! John Moljo is an accomplished business owner who just opened his second gym in Shrub Oak, New York (Westchester County). One of the biggest lessons I have learned from John over the years is how to build a COMMUNITY within your facility. 

3 Things Spark Notes:
1) How did you build your community?
2) What is the most important thing a trainer can have/do?
2b) What is the most important thing an owner can have/do?
3) What would you tell Personal Trainer looking to make the jump to owner?

I opened this podcast with the mindset of helping all personal trainers from all walks of life—this episode lives up to that goal. I hope you enjoy!”

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